DASH - The Urban Enclave

DASH - The Urban Enclave

Forfatter: Lara Schrijver, Elain Harwood, Dirk van den Heuvel, Pierijn van der Putt, Dick van Gameren, Christopher Woodward
Sider: 160
Udgivelsesår: 2011
Udgiver: NAi Uitgevers
ISBN-13: 9789056628093
Varenummer: udl11055

Kategorier: Bogudsalg , Bygningsarkitektur
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The idea of the pluriform city seems more current than ever. Society was still homogeneous 50 years ago; today highly divergent modes of life and culture are all seeking a place within our cities. DASH 5. The Urban Enclave is the product of an investigation into large-scale housing projects in the inner city, both historical and contemporary. This calls for a city with differences of its own, distinctive parts in which like-minded people can find one another, connected to the greater whole, but without imposing anything on others. The recent focus on regeneration within the existing city especially on a mass scale offers perspectives in this regard. In many cities in the Netherlands (and elsewhere) abandoned industrial and commercial premises or outmoded residential areas are being redeveloped. The usually sizable scale of these areas creates a (housing) construction challenge that can contribute to the needed differentiation within the city