Understanding Color 4th ed.

Understanding Color 4th ed.

Forfatter: Linda Holtzschue
Sider: 259
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgave: 4. udgave
Udgivelsesår: 2011
Udgiver: Wiley
ISBN-13: 9780470381359
Varenummer: udl14020

Kategorier: Grafisk design , Bøger
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Now in an updated Fourth Edition, Understanding Color helps you connect the dots between your emotional, intuitive responses to color and the theories that explain them. From this authoritative and easy-to-follow resource, you'll learn how to use color more comfortably, creatively, and effectively than ever before.

Take your work to the next level by exploring how different light sources affect color rendition, how placement changes color, how to avoid costly color mistakes, and how to resolve the color problems that frequently confront design professionals. This edition is full of powerful new features that reflect the latest issues in color and design, including:

- Expanded and revised content in nearly 35% of the book.
- Coverage of a broad range of design disciplines.
- Ideas from the major color theorists that reinforce content, rather than emphasizing what is correct or incorrect.
- Discussion of color created by traditional media and digital design, and the issues that arise when design moves from one medium to another.-
- Innovative coverage of color marketing issues.
- Helpful tips for using color in the working environment.
- An online workbook with valuable exercises that reinforce color concepts.

Understanding Color, Fourth Edition is an unparalleled source of authoritative information and practical solutions for students and professionals in all fields of design.